How can I get help with an existing reservation on 

Yes, by sign in to your account or for a faster service Call in Our Customer Service Center.  

How do I cancel my booking in this situation? 

By sign in to your account or for a faster service Call in Our Customer Service Center. Some restriction may apply.  

  • If your booking is non-refundable or has passed the free cancellation deadline, you may incur a cancellation fee based on hotel’s policies or no refund at all.  

What is the cancellation policy related to the coronavirus? 

You might be able to cancel due to the circumstances related to the coronavirus. However, it depends on several factors, including your destination, the date you made your booking, country of origin, arrival date, and reason for traveling.  

  • If your cancellation falls under this category, the property has to provide a refund, offer a free date change, or credit you for a future stay.  
  • Sign in and select the relevant booking to see your options.  

Why doesn’t the coronavirus impact the general policy for 

Cancellation due to the coronavirus depends on several factors, including where you’re traveling to, your country of origin, arrival date, and reason for traveling. Individual reservation policies are set by the property you booked. As a result, it wouldn’t be appropriate to make a universal change to our policy.  

Can I move my booking to a future date? 

Moving your booking to a future date depends on the reservation’s policies. You can also contact the property to ask for a date change additional fees may apply. Otherwise, transaction will be canceled and reprocess if it is still within the free cancellation window. Not applicable for non- refundable reservations.   

Can I give my reservation to someone else? 

Contact the property directly if you want to transfer your reservation to someone else.  

Each property has its own policies for this type of change to a reservation and can best inform you about them.  


I Forgot My Password –What Should I do?  

Reach out to customer service thru chat support or do “Forgot Password” a link to reset your password will be sent to you and you will have access to your account in no time.  

I Forgot My User Name – What Should I do? 

Your user name is the email address you used to create an account.   

Can I Book By Phone? 

Absolutely! Please call 1-888-GETME-20 or 1 877-721-9803 our experienced agents will assist with your travel needs.   

I manage to cancel my boking – When Should I Expect My Refund? 

Any reservations cancelled online prior to the published cancellation policy, normally takes from 7 to 10 business days to post back to your account.  However, some refunds can take up to 30 days or the next cycle to post to your credit card statement, depending on your financial institution.  

How Do I Change My Reservation? does not change or modify existing nights to reservations. You can cancel your reservation either online at with support chat or by calling our customer service number at 1 877-721-9803. Select Option 1. Then you can proceed with a new reservation for the date forecasted.  

Why Register As A Customer?  

Registered customers may be entitled to special promotional rates offered by the properties. Receive reward, earn anniversary rewards and earn a point for every $10 spent which can be used later on a reservation.  

How Do I Register As A Customer?  

To register with justClick here.  

I’m Having Trouble With My Online Booking – What Should I Do?  

If you are having difficulties making a booking, feel free to contact us at 1-877-721-9803 and select Option 2 to speak with a customer service representative.  

What Are The Hours of operations And Contact Information?  

Operations run Monday thru Friday 24/7. Call 1 877-721-9803 then select Option 2

Group Reservation 

Visit us online by clicking here and filling out the contact page or Email us with the details about your group.